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Sparta Valley Fruits is a privately owned company, established in Sparta, Laconia, with the aim of exporting agriculture products. We specialize in exporting best quality varieties of oranges all over Europe, under the brand name Sparta Valley Fruits.
The region of Sparta offers such climatic conditions that make the citrus fruits unique in appearance and taste. We have the advantage to be very close to the harvest of the products and we can constantly monitor and guarantee their excellent quality until they reach their destination.
Following this strategic point, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality citrus fruits at unbeatable prices. We collaborate with a well established and reliable packing company providing packaging of our products into boxes manufactured in accordance with the modern requirements and standards. The logo and requisites of Sparta Valley Fruits are depicted on the above-mentioned boxes.
As growers and exporters, we focus on quality, reliability and professional approach to growing and marketing. Furthermore, our shipments are regularly controlled by third parties to ensure that our terms and conditions are strictly adhered to.
Sparta Valley Fruits’ Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Service relies on six fundamental principles:
-Our commitment to deliver high quality products and services

-Reliability and respect towards clients and producers

-Our commitment to meeting all applicable regulatory requirements. Our standards are maintained through strict policies and procedures. In all our facilities and at all stages of product life cycle, we are committed to meeting all applicable regulatory requirements.

-Constant purchase of new products and the re-evaluation of the existing product varieties based on market needs and clients demands.

-Ensuring consistently high quality of product by fostering and cultivating quality and safety throughout the entire process.

Our goal is to establish a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners, while focusing on maintaining long-term relationships with existing clients and developing new relationships with prospective partners to ensure that business and company’s growth is successful.
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