Orange Cake

Orange cookiesφ


2 eggs
1 cup sugar
¾ small cup oil
1 glass orange juice
1 tsp baking powder
1 vanilla extract bag
500 gr self raising flour
2 oranges
powdered sugar


For the preparation, use a hand mixer. Otherwise, stir manually with your hand. At first, prepare all of the necessary ingredients needed and then stir them together. Start washing the oranges very well. Cut them in little pieces and place them into the mixer. Beat on until just combined. Increase speed and beat until smooth. Put the eggs in a mixing bowl, one after the other. Add sugar. Then add orange juice. Add oil (sunflower oil would be a better alternative to olive oil).
Add baking powder. Then add vanilla. Add the orange juice prepared at the beginning. Lastly, add flour. Mix all the ingredients very well with the hand mixer. Our mixture is ready. We will need a round cake form. After coating the entire form with oil and flour, pour the mixture into the form. Fill the form with the mixture and put it in the oven.
Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 160 C. It is baked when the knife comes off the cake clean. Serve on a large platter. Once cooled garnish it carefully with powdered sugar.

Good Luck!


Aromaful and Flavorful cookies - an amazing combination of orange and cinnamon. This healthy recipe uses olive oil, no eggs, and provides us with all the beneficial nutrients of the oranges, sesame and cinnamon.


1 cup olive oil
1 cup orange juice
1 cup sugar
1-1,5 tbsp cinnamon
½ small wine glass Cognac
scrap from one orange (organic oranges or oranges without pesticides from your garden..)
1 tsp baking soda
Circa 900 gr flour
Sesame (optional)


In a large bowl, stir together the oil, orange juice, cognac and then blend the sugar, cinnamon, scrap of an orange and baking soda in the mixture. Add flour, little by little, and start kneading until the dough is smooth and moderately elastic. Shape the cookies and put them on a lightly oiled baking pan.

A few secrets to accentuate the flavor: After forming the dough into cookies simply brush some water onto the cookies and then roll them in sesame seeds to coat.
Good Luck!




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